“WHOOP-Szo has perfected their eclectic sounds, binding the paradox of indistinguishable familiarity with themes of Canadian history, language and culture.”- Noisey


“WHOOP-Szo nails it with an earnest kind of relatability that cries out to be sung in unison.” – CBC Radio


“An abundant oxymoron as vast as the Canadian Shield” – Weird Canada


“WHOOP-Szo are uncompromising. They make the music that they want to make – it’s what they believe in. Their latest is no exception. It meanders, it defies categorization. It entices you in with it’s soft vocals and vulnerable admission… but once they’ve got you they pummel you mercilessly with a post-metal firestorm.” – Ride the Tempo


“WHOOP-Szo are a tricky band to shelf. At one listen, you might latch onto their folkie regionalism and proclivity for place-based storytelling, and then, two tracks later, it might be the thoughtful architecture of their noise-building that reels you in. For some, I’m sure, it’s the psychedelic tint that captures them, and for other careful listeners, it might be the passages that touch on drone metal.” – Chart Attack


“There’s an inescapable quality to WHOOP-Szo’s music, a heavy, fuzz-laden hodgepodge of grunge, psych, folk and post-rock, incorporating influences from Elevator and Eric’s Trip to Black Sabbath. Founded in Guelph in 2009 by Adam Sturgeon and Kirsten Kurvink Palm, the project has since evolved into a five-piece band who call both Guelph and London, ON home. But there’s more to WHOOP-Szo than just their music, as the band frequently pursue multimedia art projects across the American continent. Speaking with Sturgeon, it’s clear that WHOOP-Szo are using their music as a springboard for cultural and spiritual healing and learning.” – Exclaim


“As live venues struggle, festival culture falters, streaming strengthens and hologram technology improves, it’s becoming easier and easier to imagine a music landscape that exists totally in the digital realm. Not so for WHOOP-Szo, who could not exist without the people and scenes that support them and who they, in turn, support. Their music is as hard to pin down as their whereabouts at any given time. It hops between meditative folk pop and heavy sludge without warning, rarely played the same way twice. The band can shrink and grow, too, with founding members Adam Sturgeon and Kirsten Kurvink Palm usually at the core. They’re a true psychedelic group in the sense that their personal identity as a band and as people are inseparable from the collectivism of community. For WHOOP-Szo, punk, DIY and psych principles go beyond music scene bubbles and fuse with Indigenous solidarity and healing through music.” – Now Magazine